Nutritional therapy programs for your health

I understand that everyone is unique so I tailor my one-on-one program to best suit your needs. During the course of your nutritional therapy we will progress through some assessment tools that will help us to understand the function of your body's systems and organs. We will work to address the underlying dysfunction, assisting your body back to wellness. 

Here is what you can expect:

1. Initial interview

This is your story.  I get to know you - your family history, your past and present health concerns, what motivates you, where you are now with your health and wellbeing and where you would like to be.  

2. Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

This is an online self-report questionnaire of your signs and symptoms. This enables me to assess the function of your body's systems. You will be asked to complete this questionnaire throughout your nutritional therapy to help us keep track your progress toward reaching your health goals.

3. Food Journal

You will be asked to keep a regular food journal. This will assist us determine which foods work best for you and how we can best support you through your dietary changes.  

4. Functional Evaluation

This involves the palpation of reflex points on the body with the aim to understand which organs are under functioning and contributing to your body's overall dysfunction. It also involves lingual neuro testing whereby we will test nutrients that you may wish to consider to assist your body's recovery.  

It is my role to help you make changes in your life. I am guided by your goals, and will support you every step of the way to reach those goals. Nutritional therapy is life changing for so many people and I love to be part of it.

*Please note results may vary from person to person