Functional evaluation helps us understand which organs are under stress and contributing to dysfunction within your body.

The Functional Evaluation is an objective assessment tool allowing your body to tell us what is going on. 

The Functional Evaluation

I am trained to perform palpations to reflex points on the body. Reflex points allow the body to tell us which organs are not functioning optimally and therefore contributing to dysfunction within the body. Through Lingual Neuro testing, specific nutrients can be identified to meet your specific nutritional need.

Reflex points connect to the neuro-vascular and neuro-lymphatic pathways which surround every organ system in the body. When an organ is in stress, these pathways accumulate fluid around them to support healing. This congestion results in tenderness of the reflex point.

Lingual neuro testing involves a nutrient being placed into your mouth. When the message from nerve endings on your tongue has travelled to your brain and out to your external nerve endings, the tenderness of the reflex points will change when your body senses the right nutrient to heal.


(Source : Nutritional Therapy Association Australia)

The Benefits of Functional Evaluation

A functional evaluation offers a great way to start working out how to get you back on track with a balanced diet and optimised nutrition. Specific nutrients can be recommended to help support your body's organs and systems. A tailored protocol can help you achieve your specific health goals, restore balance in your body, and regain your health.


*Please note results may vary from person to person